Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet Poem by Zach de la Rocha

The beginning spills through city veins 
Into the arteries
And under powers poison clouds
We move like the shadows
Through the alley ways 
Through nightmares bought and sold as dreams 
Through barren factories
Through boarded schools
Through rotting fields 
Through the burning doors of the past 
Through imaginations exploding
To break the curfews in our minds 

Our actions awaken dreams of actions multiplied 
A restless fury 
Once buried like burning embers 
Left alone to smolder
But together stacked under the walls of a dying order 
All sparks are counted
Calloused hands raised in silence 
Over the bonfire of hope unincorporated 
It's flame restores tomorrows meaning 
Across the graveyards of hollow promises
As gold dipped vultures pick at what is left of our denial 

And the youngest among us 
Stare at us stoned like eyes determined
And say
Death for us may come early
Cause dignity has no price 
At the corner of now and nowhere
Tomorrow is calling
Tomorrow is calling

Do not be afraid