Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dylan's Progress Report at 2.75 yo

He can:Picture_1_3

  1. Identify vowels, produce appropriate phonetic sounds of all the alphabets
  2. Read and spell words with three letters
  3. Solar System: can identify object and give brief description. Ex: "Uranus, it spins on its side" or "Milky Way, our galaxy"
  4. Eat like a civilised human being with either spoon or fork (but not both)
  5. Identify weird body parts like the clavicle, pelvis, the phalanges etc.
  6. Soccer (can chase and kick ball while running at full speed)
  7. Semi-complete a 25-pc puzzle (75% complete)
  8. Navigate around toddler websites and play games unaided (I am now regretting this as he's hogged the computer every chance he gets, thank goodness we never gave him a chance to figure out the tv remote)
  9. Jump from heights around 3 ft. (much to my horror)
  10. Semi-logical reasoning, ex: dylan remarked "papa is sick", when asked why, turns out he's observed papa has many "ouchies" (work-related minor cuts), when asked what to do, dylan said "put bandage"
  11. Prediction ex. he's observed that buds are coming out of trees, when asked why, he said, "it's spring, trees have leaves"

Things that Dylan wanted me to do:

  1. "Mama, I want to grow please."
  2. "It's hot, I want snow."


  1. He's excruciatingly shy and won't greet people unless prodded
  2. Increasingly showing streaks of rebellion from food choice to clothes to activity
  3. Bad conversationalist - always out of tangent. ex. "Dylan, are you a good boy or a bad boy?" and his reply was "No, I'm a happy boy".

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