Monday, June 08, 2009

Crippled by Indecision? The 10-10-10 Rule.

Making radically changing life decisions can often be a process that often leaves us doubting, sleepless and paralyzed to do anything else.

Should I get a divorce?
Should I quit my job?
Career or full-time motherhood?

In 10-10-10, the namesake book by Suzy Welch, the 10-10-10 rule is proposed to make the process more manageable. When facing to make a difficult choice, ask yourself these questions:

What will be the consequences in 10 minutes?
In 10 months?
In 10 years?

These questions not only reveal the immediate impact of the decision made, but also, if it matters and how it matters in the long term. Here is an except of the article:

Fifteen years ago, she was a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. She loved the job, and the job loved her. The first in her family to attend college, she was looking forward to a long and successful corporate career. Then came marriage and two children.

My friend tried to keep working, but one day, when she returned from a week on the road, the nanny put her son in her arms, and he didn't recognize her. She quit, telling herself she would go back the minute she could.

That minute never came.

She has three children now, the youngest a baby.
"The other day, I was cleaning the refrigerator and Sammy was crying his head off, and inside I was screaming, "What have I done?"

"10-10-10 reminded me."
Both the 10-minute and 10-year scenarios made her shudder. "Short term, I'm looking at a lot of diapers and spit up," she said, "and long term, I'm seeing a big black hole. Kids gone, but so is my career."

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