Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Books - That is exactly how they work.


Cindy said...

This is an amazing picture! Very powerful and so true. I'd very much like to track down the source. Can anyone help me do so? It is for a national cause.
Thank you! Cindy
Please e-mail cindy@milestoneevents.org with any helpful information on the copyright owner.

j said...

It's work by Анастасия Горбунова (Anastasia Gorbunova)
It's a winner from a contest ran by a Russian publisher http://eksmo.ru.
Here are the announcements of the winners (in Russian): Winners
I found a larger res version here: higher-res
The contest was titled «Читать не вредно. Вредно не читать», roughly translates to "To read is not bad, it's bad to not read."
There is writing in Russian on the walls:
To the left, under "Fuck You" it says "We drank here"
The large letters to the right say "Shit"

above comment by http://www.reddit.com/user/iamkaban

Becky Anderson said...

Any way to get a copy without the cuss words? I'd love to hang it in my elementary school classroom!

j said...

@Becky: Sorry, I am not aware of a sanitized version..