Friday, September 01, 2006

Freaky Sex-Ed Book for Juveniles

I stumbled into this at first thing in the morning in between sips of coffee. It was so surreal I just had to blog it to have documentary proof come tomorrow that it was for real.

Per Holm Kudsen wrote a book entitled The True Story of How Babies Are Made and it is an illustrated children's book that has odd, graphic drawings. Frankly speaking, it was hilarious. And I rather thought it honest and effective in explaining the whole "the birds and the bees" thing. Kids won't find it nearly as funny though. Hee-hee.

If you want to see the entire content of the book, click this Link which has it in German. Make sure you click on the book images to turn its pages.


MC said...

Wow... and you picked the best picture from that book as the example too... I'm not a prude but damn, that is some messed up stuff.

And you know how I deal with the messed up stuff, don't you?

MC said...

And we have a winner this week.

j said...

Ok, I changed the title from "Weird Sex-Ed Book for Kids" to let you know that Matt had the right word I was wracking my brains for. It was not weird, it was f-r-e-a-k-y. Secondly, just to clarify things, here's the citation of for the book:

* Type: English : Book Book : Juvenile audience
* Publisher: Chicago, Childrens Press [1973, ©1971]
* ISBN: 0516036408
* OCLC: 549281

Thirdly, er.. wow.. I knew this piece was worth writing but I never thought it was Transmundane Award worthy. Hoho. Thanks Matt!

And go visit Matt's site at people!!

canekid said...

I just checked the link to the book. Unfortunately it's not complete. Half the pages are missing.

Just what I need half off sex-ed.

j said...

Gasp! You're absolutely right Canekid! Pages #10-15're missing! Lots of people commented (in the other blogs) and only you noticed. I guess you're really paying good attention to your education eh?

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