Thursday, January 11, 2007

Moody Hanging On - Thank You People

Bunch of people came and went recently. Crashed in during the holidays and made it merry. Now I'm flopping around with a hole in my insides. I've hung "Gone Fishing" signs in my other sites and I'm a little strung out having to take it off. I'm verging on sappy but don't you worry - we've got that under control.

Paperlilies said a lot of things about being thankful for having an online community of friends. She probably will say it better in many ways than I ever could. She said it exactly as I've wanted to from 1:00 to about 3:00 minutes into her video clip.

If you never get around to watching it, the nutshell of it all is that: I really appreciate all the traffic and the people who've come around and hung around this site. There is a special thank you to people who matter more than expressed, and you guys know who you are. I've said it before and let me say it again:

Thanks for dropping by and giving me a read. It's really humbling that people give me notice. Google Analytics tell me I get about 200 pageviews and 80 visits a week - there are a lot of silent readers out there. I'm still trying to find my voice and couldn't make up my mind what sort of dignity or lack thereof should be presented. That said, your comments (even silent ones) are appreciated. Do come back soon. Have a great year ahead.

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MC said...

I've just hung up a "gone fishing" sign myself for the rest of the weekend, so trust me, I more than understand that impulse.