Wednesday, July 18, 2007



ktlam said...

Is the same as the case of viewing a glass container as being half full or half empty?

Chris said...

Dear Barren, I truly feel your pain and I send you love and blessings. There is 1 thing that I imagine you have not tried that I know to have worked for others called Reflexology (accupressure to the feet (more feet than hands) - you can do it yourselves or go to someone - pick up the book "feet first" by Laura Norman. Even if it doesn't give you the results you desire you will still have gained an incredible skill you can share with each other for healing and well-being. Second, hold your desire in your mind as if it is already so yet release all/any atttachment to it - being/fully accepting what is so now. I wish you all the best - I bumped into your site via "conversations w/a stone" which I was looking for via google - thank you fo rposting it. w/love Christine